Weekly Ajo Kiko Plan

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Important Notice
  1. You can only pay in advance and not in arrears as arrears will be counted as default while a default fee of 5% will be charged on the defaulted amount.
  2. Your wallet account with us will be credited every Saturday.
  3. The moment you default in any of your payments, your number will move backward by the number of times you defaulted. e.g Tayo was unable to pay on the 27 of September 2021, his number will move from 2 to 3.
  4. If you are given numbers from 1 to 4, 10% of your fund will be withheld as a security deposit while the same will only be released when the Weekly Ajo Kiko ends on the 2nd of October,2021.
  5. Where you chose more than 1 slot irrespective of the number given to you. You automatically get numbers after 1 other person has collected their Kiko fund automatically for the other slots. e.g, where you pick 2 slots with an approved number of 2. Your approved 2 slots number will be 2, & 
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