About us

Our Mission

To give everyone the power to  maintain their financial equilibrium

A Short Story!

Ajo (Thrift) savings, founded by Jadenjayfit Empire, a registered company with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission), bears the registration number BN2976047.

In 2019, Ajo (Thrift) savings was initially launched as “D Daily Thrift,” solely focused on providing a savings-only platform. For several years, our services were limited to savings. However, in January 2021, we underwent rebranding and became “Ajo (Thrift) savings,” offering online services to our clients, replacing our previous manual operations. Since then, we have consistently delivered exceptional service to our growing user base, simplifying and bringing transparency to their financial management. Our mission at Ajo (Thrift) savings is to empower everyone to maintain their financial equilibrium, and we strive to be the best in achieving this goal.

About our Ajo Thrift Savings Crooner.

Damilola Oke, the founder and principal manager of Jadenjayfit Empire, is a graduate of the prestigious University of Ibadan where he studied Economics. With 12 years of banking work experience, he has held positions at Intercontinental Bank, Access Bank, and First Bank of Nigeria.

While at First Bank of Nigeria (FBN), Damilola served as the Secretary of a cooperative society called Best Choice Cooperative Society Limited, primarily for FBN Holdings staff. He held this position for four years before being elected as the Vice President.

Before leaving his banking job, Damilola initiated “D Daily Thrift” manually with the assistance of his staff. However, due to the business’s expansion and the need to create greater awareness and educate the public on achieving financial balance, he made the decision to leave his banking career and assume full responsibility for “D Daily Thrift.”

Recognizing the advancing technology landscape, Damilola deemed it appropriate to incorporate technology into the business, which eventually transformed into “AJO THRIFT SAVINGS.”