Ajo Kiko Last phase completed

Review your Ajo Kiko Plan here

The following should be noted before applying.

  1. The payout contribution to members collecting the Ajo Plan is always done 1st week of every month for monthly plan while the weekly plan is paid out on or before 8pm every Saturday. 
  2.  A good record plan will set you up for chances to pick the first 3 numbers.
  3. Your Ajo wallet will be credited once your account is debited for your Ajo contribution.
  4. For those who have been approved to get numbers before the last number, 10 percent of your Ajo collection for the month will be held until the Ajo plan is concluded while same will be remitted to your account immediately.
  5. Irrespective of the Ajo plan you chose, our administrative fee is N500, which is only removed once your Ajo Kiko matures.
  6. For members get earlier number other than the last number will be placed on auto debit.
  7. If you have people to refer or join the pool of your circle in other to increase your chance of getting numbers other than the last number, please check your email immediately after subscribing to the Kiko plan here.

The likelihood of getting a penultimate number is high